Executive leadership

We Manage Your Association ... While You Innovate and Thrive

Our approach to full-service association management involves bringing together a team of management and operations in all aspects of volunteer-governed organizations, then supporting it with a robust yet cost-effective headquarters infrastructure. Our staff members are experienced leaders and workers.

Professional Services

Meeting oversight

database & financial mngt

Our Services - ​We provide professional solutions to manage and grow nonprofit organizations.

Membership administration

We handle all association needs, no matter how small, with professional, highly trained, association management personnel. Our experience in managing and working with associations allow us to support your organization in the way that works best for you. 

* Invoice annual member dues

* Keep accurate database of        members

* Promote membership                retention

* Coordinate membership            record reconciliation with        national affiliated and dues      sharing organization

Effective office operations utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment emphasizing communication—the life blood of associations.

* Financial Management

* Records Storage

* Coordinate the preparation of      financial management policies

* Annual budget preparation

* Provide computer-based record    keeping system

* Assist in the development of        income, investment &                expenditure controls

* Maintain bank accounts on          behalf of your organization

Management and staff support services include:

* An executive director
* Client account executive

* Membership Management &        Database management
* Education and Training
* Full-service bookkeeping &          accounting services
* Office & telephone                      receptionist

* Computer program designer &      computer data personnel
* Webpage designer
* Other professional office            personnel required to fulfill        the administrative services        required. 

Because of our dedicated staff, we have many services to help you plan your next meeting or event. These include:

* Site selection

* Assist in preparation of              meeting agendas
* Contract negotiation
* Budgeting and bookkeeping
* Registration assistance
* A/V and logistics
* Travel arrangements
* Promotional materials

* Prepare, distribute & maintain    the permanent record of the      minutes of board and                membership meetings